El XVIII Foro de Empleo y Emprendmiento de la Facultat d'Economia de la Universitat de València se celebrará los días 20 y 21 de febrero

The 18th Employment and Entrepreneurship Forum 18th Employment and Entrepreneurship Forum February 20 and 21. Companies, public institutions, professional colleges and associations attend as exhibitors of the forum, and students and recent graduates attend as public. The objective is to know first-hand, the key characteristics of the labour market towards which they are directed and to be able to improve their employability by directing their skills towards what that market demands. Exhibitors, meanwhile, gain a better understanding of future professionals, their skills, interests, etc. The idea is to present both job offers and internships.

APYMEP  junto con el Grupo Preving  organiza  la  jornada informativa  ¿cómo crear un espacio cardiosaludable en tu empresa?

It will try to respond to:

  • Would you know how to act in a cardiorespiratory arrest situation?
  • Can you spend a couple of hours learning it?
  • Do you know the importance of turning your company into a heart-healthy space?

 These doubts will be answered at an event to be held on Wednesday, November 21 at 9:00 at Calle Charles Robert Darwin, 20 in the Technology Park.

El Parque Tecnológico organiza una Jornada de Transformación Digital

The Conservation Entity València Parc Tecnològic will hold TECNOforum 2018 on November 22, an event that will take place in the Assembly Hall of the Luis Vives Business School of Cámara Valencia.

The conference will address in its first edition the phenomenon of Digital Transformation, from a formative and informative point of view, facilitating the contrast of opinions, showing successful experiences, with a touch of humor..

Inauguración de un Punto de Recarga Eléctrica en el Parque Tecnológico

On November 19, 2018, at 1:00 p.m., at 48 Leonardo Da Vinci Street, which is where an electric recharging point will be located. Later there will be a networking activity with an aperitif.

More information and registration here aquí

Abierta 2ª EDICIÓN Talleres "Comiença a exportar"

The success of participation and results obtained in the 1st edition has led us to call a 2nd EDITION for November 20, 21 and 22.

The "Start exporting" program organized by the Area of Sustainable Economy, Productive Sectors, Commerce and Occupation of the Regional Goverment together with the Council of Chambers of Commerce of the Valencian Community is for large and small companies throughout the Valencian Community who seek to start in the world of export and internationalization of their company, or seek to strengthen their position abroad.

It is structured into a set of modules that can be carried out gradually or in isolation (depending on the needs and interests of each company) with the ultimate aim of responding to the needs of SMEs in the process of internationalization and access to foreign markets.

 3ª edición de los Premios"Paterna, Ciudad de Empresas" 2018

The Association "Paterna, City of Business" announces the 3rd edition of its awards. This third edition, after the success of the two previous calls, confirms the consolidation of these recognitions to the SMEs of Paterna in the business panorama of our Community, which is reinforced by the latest awards obtained by the Association "Paterna City of Business", highlighting the award for professional work recently awarded by the College of Industrial Engineers of the Valencian Community 

The procedure for submitting applications is very agile and simple, ending on October 15, 2018 (inclusive). See here the bases of the Awards.

We hope that, as in subsequent editions, the high quality of SMEs in the territory guarantees a good participation. From the Association we encourage you to apply.

Paterna mejora la bonificación del ICIO para crear empleo estable y atraer nuevas empresas

The new bonus is linked to job creation, with the assessment of the different types of contract and taking into account the size of the company

The City Council of Paterna has approved a modification of the discount of the Municipal Tax on Constructions, Installations and Works (ICIO) that offers to companies in the city, both existing and new ones.

The objective of the government team with this improvement is to make this tax benefit more realistic, accessible and attractive to new companies, promoting with the landing of these companies the economic revitalization of the territory and the creation of stable and quality employment.

El Ayuntamiento de Paterna impulsa la contratación de personas desempleadas del municipio con un cheque empleo de hasta 4.200 €

Companies will have until November 15, 2018 to submit applications.

The City Council of Paterna has called the Employment Check 2018 , a subsidy aimed at promoting the labor insertion of the residents of the city through aid to companies.

As explained by the counselor for the Protection of People and Citizenship Rights, Julio Fernández "this year we have increased the amount of the check by 100 euros, reaching 700 euros per month for a minimum 6-month contract"

Paterna Ciudad de Empresas, premiada en la III Noche de la Industria Valenciana


The industrial potential of Paterna was awarded last Friday at the Valencian Industry Night organized by the Official College of Industrial Engineers of the Community, that highlighted the Professional Work of the association Paternal City of Business.

The mayor of Paterna, Juan Antonio Sagredo together with the Deputy, Julio Fernández and the Coordinator of the Economic Promotion Area, José Mª Martínez attended this gala which - as explained by the mayor - "highlights the importance of the industry in our land. "

Paterna, Ciudad de Empresas en el Salón Internacional de Logística

The city of Paterna has been present at the International Logistics Fair that was held in Barcelona from June 5 to 7 to publicize the logistics potential of the town and the development possibilities for companies seeking to settle in the Valencian Community.

The mayor of Paterna, and president of "Paterna, City of Business", Juan Antonio Sagredo, has presented at the fair the competitive advantages that Paterna has both at the location level, with a complete communications network, and at the level of technological infrastructures, training, business services or tax incentives.

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