Paterna mejora la bonificación del ICIO para crear empleo estable y atraer nuevas empresas

The new bonus is linked to job creation, with the assessment of the different types of contract and taking into account the size of the company

The City Council of Paterna has approved a modification of the discount of the Municipal Tax on Constructions, Installations and Works (ICIO) that offers to companies in the city, both existing and new ones.

The objective of the government team with this improvement is to make this tax benefit more realistic, accessible and attractive to new companies, promoting with the landing of these companies the economic revitalization of the territory and the creation of stable and quality employment.

This was announced today by the Mayor of Paterna, Juan Antonio Sagredo, who also explained that "the new regulation is fairer and more consistent, it has a more simplified application procedure and it also allows for proper monitoring and verification of compliance with contracts by the City Council's Economic Promotion Area. ”

In this regard, Mayor has also indicated that the main objective of this new regulation is to promote the reduction of local unemployment, since in this case, the bonus would be conditional on stable and quality hiring, not only associated with indefinite contracts, but contracts with a minimum duration of 1 year and contracts with certain groups with difficulties of labor insertion.

As Sagredo has indicated, to promote this indefinite hiring, a new scale of points is established where the type of contract and the group hired will be taken into account. "As the increase in staff is contemplated and not the number of contracts, access to the bonus for SMEs and micro-SMEs is favored," said the Mayor.

In addition, the application for the bonus must be accompanied, among other things, by a commitment document for hiring personnel through the Municipal Employment Agency of the Paterna City Council.

You can check the modification of the city Ordinance HERE

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