Paterna is a essential city, in terms of economic activity, in its region (it gathers 21% of the activity) and in the Valencian Community, and its continuous growth shapes it as one of the largest cities in economic development of the Valencian Community. Among the main economic activities of the city, industrial and commercial activities stand out.

All this economic activity is developed, both in the urban area, as in the significant percentage of its municipal area used just for business. Specifically, 14% of the its territory, which means 5,558,200 m2, and the existence of 5 business areas with a high number of companies.

Paterna. Main business areas
Name Hectares No Companies
Fuente del Jarro Industrial Estate 235,24 450
Technological Park 104,00 600
Táctica Business Park 139,18 200
L’Andana Industrial Estate 35,77 45
University of Valencia Science Park 41,79 70
Total 555,98 1.365

Regarding the business dimension, the predominance of small businesses and microenterprises is absolute, since 94% of companies have fewer than 30 workers. Nonetheless, Paterna has a large multisectorial business fabric with companies that stand out nationally and internationally, both for their turnover and innovative character, as well as for the positioning in their sector.

The following list of companies are just some examples that have choosen "Paterna, City of Business" to develop their activity.

Company Sector Location
Faurecia Automotive components R + D + i Technological Park
Siro Paterna Agroalimentary L´Andana I.E.
Das Audio Group Sound systems manufacturing Fuente del Jarro I.E.
Borgino Pharmaceutical distribution Fuente del Jarro I.E.
Zimmer Biomet Orthopedic products manufacturing Fuente del Jarro I.E.
Grupo Fulton Air conditioning and industrial refrigeration Technological Park
Aplitec Electronics, telecommunications and renewable Technological Park
Tecnidex Health and food safety Fuente del Jarro I.E.
Cárnicas Serrano Agroalimentary Fuente del Jarro I.E.
Laboratorios Belloch Manufacture of cosmetic products Fuente del Jarro I.E.
Pescafina Agroalimentary Fuente del Jarro I.E.
Fepyr Manufacture of paintings Fuente del Jarro I.E.
Laboratorios Babe Manufacture of dermocosmetic products Technological Park
Industrias Afrasa Manufacture of phytosanitary products Fuente del Jarro I.E.
Logopost Señalización Signage, corporate image and merchandising Fuente del Jarro I.E.
Powers Electronics Electronic products manufacturing Technological Park
Edicom Technologies and services for data integration Technological Park
Vento Maquinaria Industrial Design and fabrication of industrial machinery Fuente del Jarro I.E.
Pro Red Global Data and Internet Operator Technological Park
TDM Friction España Automotive: Brake friction technology Fuente del Jarro I.E.
Mev Design and manufacture of elevator components L´Andana I.E.
CCTV Center Distribution of video surveillance equipment Technological Park
Fulton Service engineering. Technological Park
Autrial Electrical and electronic engineering Fuente del Jarro I.E.
Imex Medical technology services Technological Park
Huecograbado Fina Flexible packaging manufacturing Fuente del Jarro I.E.
Laiex Chemical products Fuente del Jarro I.E.
Hydra Power Pneumatics, hydraulics and filtration Technological Park
Jeanologia Laser treatments for garments Technological Park
Aplicaciones Tecnológicas Technological applications against lightning Technological Park
Vygon Medical high technology Fuente del Jarro I.E.
Plastinsa Injected plastics Fuente del Jarro I.E.
Ancestral Energy Renewable energy Technological Park
FM Grupo Tecnológico Medical technology services Táctica Business Park