What is it?

Is a recognition

  • of social quality
  • for an effective and verifiable existence of CSR actions, socio-labor inclusion, and quality employment
  • of the voluntary measures integrated into the strategy, management and company procedures that exceed the current legal obligations
  • institutional: granted by the municipality of Paterna

What for? Objectives of the Social Label

  • IDENTIFY those companies that offer jobs more adapted to the new social demands and new profiles that incorporate diversity, equality, and conciliation as added value elements
  • ENCOURAGE entrepreneurs to know their possibilities in the field of social action to take ownership of Corporate Social Responsibility driving companies into the 21st-century society
  • ENHANCE collaboration between businesses, the City Council and the social organizations of the municipality

Who is eligible for the Social Label?

Micro-enterprises, SMEs and large companies:

  • Having full legal capacity to act
  • That is up to date with their tax obligations (AET and municipal taxes) and Social Security
  • Have active premises in the municipality of Paterna and obtain a municipal license accordingly
  • They should have paid staff

Proceedings to obtain the label

  • Employment Policies
  • Equal Opportunity Policies
  • Family-friendly and support for social welfare policies.
  • Policies fostering new technologies
  • Promote the social inclusion of people at risk/socially excluded
  • Non-discriminatory hiring practices
  • Promoting access to first employment for young people
  • Encourage internal promotion of women
  • Teleworking
  • Wage equality between men and women
  • Encourage the participation of employees in the company
  • Socio-labour inclusion of people with disabilities
  • Commitment to further training
  • Practices that promote the reconciliation of work and family life
  • Promoting stability in employment

Benefits for business

  • Improve the corporate image of the company and its promotion through social marketing
  • Positive rating by consumers who prefer products and services from responsible and ethical companies
  • Improving the working environment: teamwork, dialogue with employees and unions, participation, satisfaction
  • It can be a prior experience intending to achieving the new ISO 26000 certification (label of being socially responsible)
  • legitimacy to operate in some specific markets, and in special products and services
  • the possibility of bidding in public tenders promoted by local corporations and the public administration more generally, in which the Social label is valued and used in specific conditions for the performance of social contracts

Other benefits for companies

  • To be able to make use of the Social Label logo in its usual communication tools: invoices, delivery notes, publications, etc., giving added value to the product or service
  • Media coverage of the competition granting.
  • Inclusion of the company profile in the Website of the Municipality and the Area of Employment and Economic Promotion, in the space that will be set up for such purpose
  • Inclusion of the company and its actions in a Guide to Good Practice for the Social Action to be developed
  • Participation in the network of companies that will be created to promote the exchange of best practices in CSR

How do you get the social label?

It may be obtained via two channels:

  1. Directly, if the company is recognized as "Socially Responsible Company collaborating with the Municipality".
    • Those companies collaborating with local inclusion programmes and committed to social integration, the prevention of occupational risks, and environmentally friendly will obtain the label.
    • Bidding Companies through the implementation of the Provision setting the inclusion of "Social Clauses" in the public procurement tender specifications.
  2. Applying to the relevant call according to the Regulatory Bases developed for that purpose.

The participation of companies in the initiative is entirely voluntary and anonymous.

Only the names of the awarded companies will be known.