Fuente del Jarro

235.24 hectares
Number of potential companies
More than 30 locations to serve the Estate, 25 restaurants, gym and daycare

Fuente del Jarro was build in 1967 and is one of the most important industrial concentrations in Europe and the first to boost the industrial fabric of Paterna, with its 235.24 hectares, a 40 km road network and more than 500 companies with an average surface area of ​​4,500 m²

It has two zones joined by an underground passage of road traffic, being separated by the Llíria railway with its own station that connects to Valencia every thirty minutes. It also has a bus line. Also, the Estate is connected to the city of Paterna through a pedestrian promenade.

Fuente del Jarro is located within the municipality of Paterna, City of Business, 10 km. northwest of Valencia, connected mainly by a highway. It also has a connection to the capital by the Paterna-Lliria road. It has direct entry and exit to the bypass (A-7) that surrounds it, which facilitates communication with Madrid, Alicante, the airport, the port and Feria Valencia.

Studies estimate that 45,000 vehicles of different type and tonnage enter and leave the Industrial Estate each day.

It is a fairly diversified industrial area, with very varied industrial activities. Nearly all sectors are represented in greater or lesser proportions:

  • Construction, glass and marble ceramics.
  • Food industry.
  • Textile, leather and footwear.
  • Wood and furniture.
  • Graphic arts and paper.
  • Chemical sector.
  • Metalworking.
  • Plastics.
  • Automotive, transport and accessories.
  • Energy, water, mining.
  • Electrical, mechanical and instrumentation.
  • Jewelery.
  • Games and sportswear.
  • Service sector.

Despite of this variety of activities, those of metal, food, construction, plastic, paper, chemical and textile industries stand out. Many of them depend totally, or in part, on foreign capital, since multinational companies have absorbed 15% of the total. These companies provide employment to approximately 10,000 workers.

Within the Services area there are 30 commercial offices dedicated to services of the Estate, among which we highlight: postal services, financial institutions, travel agencies, stationery shops, insurance entities, medical center, gyms, etc. There are also a total of 25 Restaurants.

There is also a Fire Station that belongs to the Provincial Consortium. There are 18 hydrants distributed throughout the Estate. It is noteworthy the existence of a daycare for children of workers that, with their special opening hours, allows to balance family and work life. The "Fuente del Jarro" Nursery School, with more than 120 places for children from 0 to 3 years old, is an innovative educational center for early childhood education, and received the 2009 Innovative Educational Center Award from the Valencian Community.

Fuente del Jarro is, by its size and productive capacity, a small city. And this is how it works, helping the daily life of its workers in multiple areas. In that sense, it gathers all the advantages for the development of business activities.