I Jornada Farmamundi de Responsabilidad Social

The event will take place on September 26 in the auditorium of the Mutual Union of the Paterna Technology Park (València), from 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. Sign up through this FORM

This is a conference, where we will learn about current events, trends in the field of social responsibility so that companies know the reality in this area, know how to implement it and generate a meeting moment. In short, the objective of the conference and networking is to generate synergies with the business sector in Paterna, since they are the engine of social and economic change in the city.

Abierto el plazo de VLC/STARTUP 2019, el Programa de Emprendimiento Innovador del Parc Científic

The Science Park will give spaces to the winning companies of its innovative entrepreneurship program

(click HERE for more information on documentation, bases and contact)

Seven innovative business projects will be selected to be installed in the laboratories, offices and Business Seedbeds of the Scientific Park

El Ayuntamiento como miembro de la Red Innpulso posibilita a las start up y mycropymes de Paterna  participar en el evento “Impulso Emprende” en el marco de la Feria South Summit 2019

Recently, the city of Paterna has obtained the distinction of the City of Science and Innovation granted by the Ministry of Science, Innovation and Universities, which implies our adherence to the Innpulso Network and therefore, participate in its activities. In this regard, the Impulso Network in collaboration with the Ministry has organized the event "Impulso Emprende”, which enables each member city of the Network to" sponsor "a SME / micro-business (not older than 2 years) or a project in development with a high innovation component and an ambitious growth plan that develop innovative solutions aligned with the challenges of the 2020 Strategy or the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

El Colegio de Ingenieros Técnicos Industriales de Valencia programa una serie de jornadas gratuitas sobre Transformación Digital de las Pymes

The Digital Transformation Office of the Official College of Industrial Technical Engineers of Valencia (OTD Cogiti) has scheduled seven interesting presentations in the city of Valencia, held at its facilities (Calle Guillem de Castro 9-3ª), to lay the foundations for the disclosure on Digital Transformation commissioned by the Ministry of Economy and Business, through the public entity Red.es, and financed by FEDER funds.. 

The OTD Cogiti extends to all SMEs and micro-SMEs in Paterna City of Business (both in the productive, commercial, service and hospitality sectors) free assistance to these 7 days that delve into the 4 pillars of Digital Transformation: 

JORNADA La mediación y el arbitraje ante las controversias derivadas de la actividad investigadora y de la transferencia de tecnología e innovación

On June 18 the Court of Arbitration and Mediation of Valencia and the Scientific Park of the University of Valencia organize this interesting free training day that may be of interest to companies that are part of Paterna City of Business with the title “Mediation and arbitration before the controversies derived from the research activity and the transfer of technology and innovation” is directed by the professor of Private International Law and arbitrator of the Court of Arbitration and Mediation Guillermo Palao and given by prominent speakers.

Research and transfer activities at the university field give a beneficial exchange with the socio-economic environment, favoring an intense collaboration between the University and the business community. This fruitful contact, however, can give rise to various types of conflicts that can even turn into controversies of great technical and legal complexity.

Paterna, Ciudad de Empresas firma un Convenio con Cámara Valencia para beneficiarse de condiciones especiales en los servicios de internacionalización y formación

The association promoted by the City Council of Paterna “Paterna City of Business" and the Valencia Chamber of Commerce have signed a collaboration agreement on the provision of services between both entities.

The president of the association and Mayor of Paterna, Juan Antonio Sagredo and the president of the Valencia Chamber, José Vicente Morata, have signed this agreement, which seeks to ensure that the companies that are part of the association can benefit from the catalog of services offered by the Chamber under special conditions.

After the signing, the Mayor highlighted the importance of the agreement reached that “will allow associated companies to access a complete list of services and products that will allow them to improve their skills and develop their business project".

Paterna se sitúa "a la vanguardia de la innovación" al ser declarada Ciudad de la Ciencia

The Government of Spain has awarded Paterna with this distinction for its promotion of business innovation.

The City Council of Paterna has received the distinction of City of Science and Innovation that the Ministry of Science, Innovation and Universities grants to those localities that stand out for their support for innovation in their territories.

This was announced today by the Mayor of the municipality and president of Paterna City of Business association, Juan Antonio Sagredo, who highlighted the importance of this recognition “which places Paterna at the forefront of business innovation, recognizing the high scientific, technological and innovative potential of its institutions and companies”.

Jornada “Aplicaciones de robótica colaborativa en la Industria 4.0”

On Wednesday March 13 will take place in ASIVALCO from 10.00 to 13.00 hours the Conference "Collaborative Robotics Applications in Industry 4.0" organized by the company Robotnik and Universal Robots and Schunk, leading companies internationally in collaborative robotics.

Collaborative robotics is now a reality within the reach of all companies that compete in the framework of Industry 4.0. Collaborative robotics makes technology, and in particular robotic automation, more accessible to medium and small businesses.

Paterna Ciudad de Empresas organiza el Ciclo de Conferencias sobre Digilitación, Innovación, Ética, Talento y Humanismo

The Association Paterna City of Business has organized in collaboration with the Chair of Business and Humanism of the Universitat de València (EiH9) the DIETA conference cycle that throughout 8 sessions aims to address the challenges in digitization, innovation, ethics, talent and humanism whose overcoming will turn your organization into a 5.0 company, that is, a first-rate competitor capable of innovating in new business models that combine the latest technologies with talent management to deploy winning strategies in the markets.

This initiative of the Chair of Business and Humanism is aimed at informing entrepreneurs, managers, professionals and other stakeholders in the productive world about the most innovative and disruptive trends that are shaking the economy and society and generating a new model of companies that we have called THE COMPANY5 5.0.

Abierta matricula para el "Programa de iniciación a la transformación digital en la Pyme de la Escuela de Negocios de Cámara Valencia

The registration period is open for the Initiation to Digital Transformation Program for SMEs organized by the Lluis Vives Business School of Cámara Valencia.

With an eminently practical methodology, combining participation, experimentation and actions: group meetings, worksheets, questionnaires, personalized visit, final delivery of a Briefing Teche, it is aimed at achieving the following objectives:

- Design a concrete and realistic digital transformation strategy.
- Use knowledge as a transformative means and focus on understanding the uncertainty that surrounds SMEs.
- Unlearn, to later learn according to the interest of each participant.


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