Paterna, City of Business, is a non-profit association, promoted by the Paterna City Council through the Department of Enterprise, born at the end of 2011 by grouping all economic players in the town. The Association aims at fostering and strengthening a national and international projection through the six business associations existing in the municipality, in addition to retail and catering. That will allow us to be recognized as an innovative environment, provided with the necessary knowledge and human resources and have the competitive conditions required to develop future business activities through the attraction of investments.

Since its creation, within a strategy of City Marketing, the association has focused on improving the visibility of the city of Paterna as an ideal business with modern infrastructure, equipment and services, excellent communications as well as an important supply of well-located industrial land and competitive prices. All this by highlighting the brand " Paterna City of Business" as a differentiating element.

At the same time, " Paterna City of Business" as an Association that brings together more than 2,800 companies from all sectors of activity, due to its representativeness, favors the participation and consensus in municipal actions related with business matters, channeling the proposals by local economic agents.

On the other hand and not least importante, membership in the Association also favors the creation of synergies between the associated companies themselves and enables the external presence of our SMEs.