Paterna Technological Park

104 hectares
260 with an area of between 800 to 2500 m²
Types of companies installed
Technological Institutes, Business Incubator (CEEI), Business Training Centers, Companies dedicated to R + D + i, Service and Advisory Companies and Clean Industries

Paterna Technological Park arose from the initiative of the Institute of Small and Medium Industry of the Generalitat Valenciana, (IMPIVA) at the end of the 80s, in order to accommodate high-tech industries, research centers, training and development, public entities (such as Public TV), among others.

Today with more than 450 companies that employ approximately 8.000 people, the VPT brings together an infrastructure and workspace that allow companies to successfully enter a highly competitive business environment: advanced technological resources, services, effective communication systems, business cooperation, research centers, collaboration with universities, green areas, parking ... In conclusion, resources for the future and quality of life, within a framework that gathers many experiences of other European Technological Parks and that adjusts to the common denominators that mark the difference between a Technological Park and other traditional industrial zones.

The main goals of Paterna Technological Park are to promote the industrial diversification of the Valencian Community, encourage the incorporation of new technologies and support R & D & I initiatives, which is why it is open to companies that value constant innovation, the importance of research, quality in working conditions, good communications, adequate technical infrastructure and, in addition, respect for the environment.

The Park has nine Technological Institutes promoted by the IMPIVA in collaboration with the entrepreneurs of the corresponding sectors and universities. These Institutes are centers that support the technological modernization of companies and industrial diversification. The concentration of these Institutes, allows the companies installed in the Park to maintain a close relationship with them, benefiting from direct contact with their technicians and researchers.

Finally, Paterna Technological Park offers a strategic location that optimizes its integration into the physical space of communications. Located only eight kilometers from Valencia, VPT is connected to the the European network France-Barcelona-Alicante and Madrid. The international airport of Manises is only 5 km away, the railway station is 8 km away and the international port of Valencia is 12 km away.