Paterna became yesterday a business epicenter with the gala Paterna City Business Awards, a successful call in which the work of Paterna companies, entrepreneurs and workers was recognized.

In this first edition, the distinguished companies were Praxya, Sistemas Genónicos, Comsa, Tecnidex and Eugenia García, from Farmamundi.

The awards ceremony will take place on Wednesday, December 14 at 7:00 p.m. at the Grand Theater Antonio Ferrandis

This Wednesday, December 14, the Grand Theater Antonio Ferrandis de Paterna will host the first edition of the Paterna City of Business Awards, a gala that aims to recognize the figure of entrepreneurship based in Paterna and publicize its contribution to today's society.

Candidates for these recognitions will be eligible for the Entrepreneur of the Year Award, the Research and Business Innovation Award, the Socially Responsible Company Award, the International Projection Award, the Women Entrepreneur Award

With the aim of promoting the social recognition of the figure of entrepreneurship and their work and contribution in today's society, the City of Paterna, through the Association “Paterna City of Business” has convened the 1st edition of the Paterna City of Business Awards

The municipal pre-school Fuente del Jarro will open its doors on September 8. Parents interested in schooling their children can do so by going to the City Hall of Paterna, and the necessary documents are uploaded on the official website

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