Mercadona ultima un megacentro de innovación en el polígono Fuente del Jarro

Mercadona completes the opening of a mega-innovation center in the Fuente del Jarro Industrial Estate with an investment of 3.5 million euros. The distribution chain recreates part of a house in a 5,700-square-meter warehouse for its customers to test the products and recommend how to improve them. The innovation model is one of the main distinguishing characteristics of Mercadona. The Valencian chain follows a strategy of learning with customers who use its products, listening to their comments and innovating with them. At the same time that they involve the client in the innovation process, the firm works directly with its suppliers to introduce new products and improve existing ones.

Paterna Ciudad de Empresas firma un Convenio con Caixa Popular de financiación preferente para las empresas afectadas por el incendio

The City Council of Paterna, via Paterna City of Business, has signed a preferential financing agreement with Caixa Popular for those companies in Fuente del Jarro Industrial Estate that were affected by the fire on February 8, originated in the facilities of the chemical products company Indukern and that ended up affecting almost a dozen adjoining warehouses.

Jornada formativa sobre patentes, secreto industrial, estudios de mercado y financiación.. PCUV 4 de julio

How to enter the market?

 The FPCUV gives a conference on patents, industrial secrecy, market research and financing to boost the businesses of SMEs and entrepreneurs

Making the SME and entrepreneur business effective requires attending to four basic aspects at the beginning: the protection of innovation until obtaining credit, the treatment of industrial secrecy, the execution of feasibility studies and obtaining public-private financing.

Zumex invertirá 12 millones en una nueva factoría en el Parque Táctica de Paterna

The Valencian company that mainly manufactures citrus juicers, is increasing its capacity and plans to move its headquarters and part of its facilities, now in Moncada, in a couple of years.

Zumex has just acquired a plot of land in Tactical Business Park of Paterna (Valencia), to which it plans to move in approximately two years.

The firm has purchased 20,000 square meters. It is currently in the process of preparing the projects. Approximately 5,000 meters of offices are going to be built, and over 7,000 meters for of operations and manufacturing área.

Paterna prepara el Pacto Local por la Innovación para convertirse en Ciudad y Zona Económica Inteligente

The Economic Promotion Area of Paterna City Council, is finalizing the Local Pact for Innovation, a city strategy to lead and promote innovation, together with the main social and economic agents of the Comunitat Valenciana, as the engine of the socioeconomic development of the city.

This initiative is part of the roadmap set by the local government to make Paterna, through ICT, not only a true Smart City, but also a competitive 'Smart Economic Zone', regional and state epicenter of business Innovation.

The Valencian Institute of Finance (IVF) has opened, as promised by the President of the Generalitat, Ximo Puig, a line of credit for companies affected by the fire of last month in Fuente del Jarro.

The general director of the Valencian Institute of Finance (IVF), Manuel Illueca, and the autonomous secretary of Sustainable Economy, Productive Sectors and Commerce, Blanca Marín, have met this week with representatives of several of the companies affected by this fire, as well as with the association of companies of this industrial state, Asivalco, and representatives of the CEV.

Entrevista a Juan Antonio Sagredo, presidente de "Paterna, Ciudad de Empresas" y alcalde de Paterna: "Urge un pacto autonómico para la industria valenciana"

24/02/2017 - The future Law on business areas will cover a legislative gap that has existed until now, in addition to improve the quality of industrial land in the Valencian Community. But we need to go one step further. I want to propose to the Regional Goverment the creation of a fixed annual budget line from which those municipalities that truly bet on their polygons can benefit.

In Paterna, a town that has more than 5 million square meters for industrial land, with 5 business areas and more than 2,800 companies, we deserve to be recognized the work being done.

Paterna City Council will subsidize the municipal taxes on Constructions, Installations and Works (ICIO) and Economic Activities (IAE) to the companies in the Fuente del Jarro industrial estate that were affected by the fire declared in one of them on February 8.

This was announced by the mayor, Juan Antonio Sagredo, who stressed that the "objective of the City Council is to help damaged companies in any way, contributing to the reactivation of their businesses with tax exemptions contemplated by municipal law", according to a statement from the consistory.

During the meeting of Paterna City of Business, the Mayor, Juan Antonio Sagredo exposed to the managers of the industrial parks the proposal of budgets for 2017, the institutional movement led by Paterna in favor of the Mediterranean Corridor and the allegations to the expansion project of the V -30

Paterna City Council will sign collaboration agreements with the 5 business parks of the municipality. This was announced today by the Mayor of Paterna, Juan Antonio Sagredo after communicating it yesterday to the managers of each industrial área during the working meeting held by the Association Paterna City of Business and in which Sagredo exposed the main budget lines for 2017 in economic promotion and business revitalization.

During the meeting, Sagredo highlighted that the future collaboration agreements, which are already budgeted in the municipal accounts for the next year, exemplify the firm commitment of the current Goverment to invest in the industrial potential and its commitment to position it as a strategic benchmark business city at regional and national level.

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