Paterna Ciudad de Empresas, premiada en la III Noche de la Industria Valenciana


The industrial potential of Paterna was awarded last Friday at the Valencian Industry Night organized by the Official College of Industrial Engineers of the Community, that highlighted the Professional Work of the association Paternal City of Business.

The mayor of Paterna, Juan Antonio Sagredo together with the Deputy, Julio Fernández and the Coordinator of the Economic Promotion Area, José Mª Martínez attended this gala which - as explained by the mayor - "highlights the importance of the industry in our land. "

The institutional representation was completed with the president of the Technological Park Conservation Entity, Antonio Alagarda, the manager of Asivalco, Ximo Ballester and the manager of the L´Andana business association, Asunción Roselló.

The gala also awarded the company Sistemas Genomicos, based in the Technology Park of Paterna, in the International Action category and the developer Intu Eurofund in the Industrial Engineering category for the project Puerto Mediterráneo.

The Mayor of Paterna conveyed to the Dean of the Salvador Puigdengolas School his pride and appreciation for the award given and the importance of the involvement of administrations in improving the equipment and infrastructure of industrial areas in order to promote and stimulate economic activity and job creation..

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