With over 4,778 registered self-employed workers, Paterna continues to be one of the citicies in the Valencian Community with the highest self-employment rate.

For this reason, and with the aim of continuing to promote self-employment and the creation of independent business activity in the city, the City Council of Paterna has again convened, for the fifth consecutive year, the Entrepreneur Check 2020.

As the first mayor, Juan Antonio Sagredo has recalled, "Paterna is pioneer in the Valencian Community in creating support programs for the entrepreneur, being the first consistory that has granted financial aid to new activities generated in its municipal area."

In addition, Sagredo has pointed out that "this aid, which is initially endowed with a budget of 75,000 euros, is another example of the firm commitment and support of the Socialist Executive to the economic development and employment in our city."

The mayor also highlighted the good reception that these non-refundable grants have among paternal citizens and, in this regard, he has indicated that “since its first call in 2016, the Entrepreneurs check has allowed to open in Paterna near 300 new businesses that have contributed to the richness and diversity of the local business network with different activities, from a restaurant, a travel agency, a mechanical workshop or a hairdressing salon ”.

Juan Antonio Sagredo has explained that “although we are living a situation of uncertainty and risk derived from the effects caused by the pandemic of the COVID-19, entrepreneurship and entrepreneurs are essential to develop economic activity and gradually come out of the crisis”.

The Entrepreneur Check is a non-refundable grant that can be requested by all unemployed residents of Paterna who open a business in the city as long as they maintain their activity for a minimum of 12 months. The amount of the check goes from 800 euros to 1,400 euros, depending on the situation of the beneficiary, if he or she is self-employed, under 35 years of age, over 45 years of age or long-term unemployed, disabled, victim of gender violence or in risk of social exclusion.

Applications are made through the electronic office of the city council (https://sede.paterna.es/opensiac/action/tramitesinfo?method=enter&id=409), and within a period of between 30 and 45 days from the date the application is approved, the payment of the grant is  effective.


Paterna City Council, in collaboration with Aigües de Paterna, will carry out a series of actions to improve the water supply network in Táctica Business Park with the aim of offering an optimal water supply to this area that has over 300 companies.

The Mayor of Paterna, Juan Antonio Sagredo explained the different actions to the president and manager of the Association of Táctica Entrepreneurs (ADET), Diana Aparicio and Mª Ángeles Hidalgo during the meeting they held this week.

In order to improve the guarantee of the supply and to have a water transport network that allows a greater flow to be injected into the network of this business park, the City Council will install a second pressure pump to allow alternative operation of both networks and facilitate the maintenance and repair of any of them independently, without affecting the park's supply system.

Likewise, a new transport pipeline will be install from the exit of the pumping group to the existing network, with a pipe of 300 mm diameter and a length of 95 meters, which will provide the park with a second supply point, larger than the current one.

"With these actions we reduce the risk of water shortages in the companies installed there in the event of any breakdown and we improve the response of the water network to situations such as a fire," explained the mayor.

Sagredo also added that "with these projects we continue to improve this industrial park of ​​140 hectares as well as the demand for water, which is being increased with the installation of new warehouses and company."

Paterna City Council, through the public company Gestión y Servicios de Paterna (GESPA), has acquired 14 new electric vehicles that will become part of the municipal fleet, betting on environmentally sustainable energy sources.

This way, starting in September, fuel vehicles will be replaced by new, less polluting electric vehicles, helping to reduce CO2 emissions in the city.

Also, the consistory has endorsed the creation of eight new double charging stations for electric vehicles: two in the Technology Park and 6 in the Fuente del Jarro Industrial Estate, in the AMUTIO plant.

With this initiative, the socialist government continues reinforcing the policies aimed at making Paterna a smarter and more environmentally friendly city.

The City Ciouncil has carried out in recent months different actions to reduce CO2 emissions, such as the acquisition of hybrid and electric vehicles for the Paterna Local Police or the installation of photovoltaic panels in schools, thus promoting the use and consumption of cleaner energy.

Estas acciones se suman a las ya realizadas por el consistorio en los últimos meses para seguir reduciendo las emisiones de CO2, como es la adquisición de vehículos híbridos y eléctricos para la Policía Local de Paterna o la instalación de placas fotovoltaicas en centros escolares del municipio, promoviendo así el uso y consumo de energías más limpias.

Paterna City Council, in collaboration with Aigües de Paterna, is going to install a new collector in the L'Andana industrial estate to improve the evacuation of rainwater in the area and solve the problems of flooding and waterlogging of the area.

This was announced today by the Mayor of Paterna, Juan Antonio Sagredo after a meeting with the president of the L'Andana Business Association, Carmen Pi, the Deputy Mayor for Security, Mobility and Ecological Transition, Núria Campos, the manager from Aigües de Paterna, Carolina Belda and the Coordinator of the Industry, Business and University Area, José Mª Martínez to explain the project, which involves an investment of 247,915 euros.

With the execution of this new collector, the council wants to improve the evacuation capacity of the sanitation network, which currently causes flooding at the lowest point of the Industry Avenue, and in some of the companies located there, since the network does not have enough capacity to evacuate all rainwater or an adequate drainage system.

As the Mayor has explained, “with this solution, it is also intended to alleviate and improve the response of the municipal rainwater network that runs through the Chemistry Round, as well as the collection of rainwater in Les Noves Tecnologies street, by connecting a transverse grid to the existing rainwater ”.

Carmen Pi has stated that "this is the most important municipal action in the industrial estate in the last 20 years, and once is done it will solve the historical flood problems that occur when it rains and that we have been claiming for decades in the area ”.

Likewise, the action will improve traffic and will have a positive impact on the development of the companies and activities in the industrial estate.

The new collector, with a diameter of 600 mm and a length of 312 meters, will run through the center of the Industrial Avenue and will collect runoff water captured by longitudinal grids in the accesses to plots and other strategic points The infrastructure will begin in the Service Station of the L'Andana industrial estate and will continue to the last roundabout, located at the eastern end of the industrial estate to connect with the current collector DN 600 mm.

This action is part of the list of investments in infrastructure improvements that is being carried out by the City Council in all the polygons of the city to improve the development and competitiveness of the economic activity of companies.

The City Council of Paterna, in collaboration with Aigües de Paterna, has extended to its five business areas the analyzes it is carrying out on the municipal wastewater using the tool City Sentinel that helps detecting and monitoring the presence of coronavirus in the population .

This was announced today by the Mayor of Paterna, Juan Antonio Sagredo, who explained that “with the analysis of the wastewater from our industrial estates, in which we have about 35,000 workers, we monitor and control any trace of COVID-19 in Paterna, controlling the evolution of the virus in the city”.

The City Council of Paterna, through the association Paterna City of Business, has launched the English version of its website www.paternaciudaddeempresas.es c to give foreign companies all the necessary information to settle in the city

As explained by the Mayor of Paterna and president of the association, Juan Antonio Sagredo "more and more companies are choosing Paterna to start their activity and we want to continue promoting the arrival of investment and the installation of new foreign companies, so that we put at their disposal this municipal tool that includes all the necessary information to settle in our city ”.

Convocada la 4ª edición de los Talleres " Comienza a Exportar"

The success of participation and results obtained in the three previous editions, has led us to call a 4th EDITION for March 24, 25 and 26, 2020

The "Start to export" program organized by the Area of Sustainable Economy, Productive Sectors, Commerce and Occupation of the Regional Govermen, together with the Council of Chambers of Commerce of the Valencian Community, IVACE and ICEX, is adressed to large and small companies, of the entire Valencian Community that seek to start in the world of export and internationalization of their company, or seek to strengthen their position abroad

It is structured on a set of modules that can be carried out gradually or in isolation (depending on the needs and interests of each company) with the ultimate aim of responding to the needs of SMEs in the process of internationalization and access to foreign markets. The workshop is totally FREE


Jornada Procedimiento Compra Pública de Innovación del Ayuntamiento de Paterna: beneficios para las empresas.

Tuesday December 17, 2019

Assembly Hall of the Mutual Union Building

València Parc Tecnològic, Ronda Isaac Peral, 21 46980 Paterna



The implementation of the local modernization strategy by the Paterna City Council is demanding the public procurement of a large number of products and services with a markedly innovative component.

In this regard, the City Council, thanks to 100% financing of a subsidy granted by the Valencian Agency of Innovation (AVI), plans to implement a procedure for Public Procurement of Innovation, which through the figures of Pre-Commercial Public Procurement, Association for Innovation and Public Purchase of Innovative Technology contemplated in the current regulations, make it possible, in this process of local modernization, to involve SMEs in our territory in the tenders, within the framework provided by the Public Contracts Law.

We have considered organizing an informative Conference adressed to companies on the operation of these public purchasing procedures, with practical experiences, so that they have the necessary information that allows them to participate in upcoming tenders, in the procurement of goods and services that the Strategy Innovation Center is requiring and will require in the immediate future.

The planned program is as follows: 

9:30 - 10.00 Reception of attendees 

10:00 Opening.

  • Juan Llobell Lleó. President of Tantum Consultores.
  • Representative of the Valencian Agency for Innovation, AVI (to be determined)
  • Juan Antonio Sagredo. Mayor of Paterna 

10:30 – 11:00. The CPI as an opportunity for growth in the company and to promote innovation in the territory from public management

  • Regina García Mondría. Managing Partner of Tantum Consultores 

11:00–12:00. Instruments to support companies in the CPI processes. Company experience in CPI

  • Yolanda Cárcel, Head of the Service in the Public Sector and Public Purchase of the Valencian Innovation Agency.
  • Luis Castel, Director of Studies and Contracting of Electrotecnia Monrabal. 

12:00 Closing of the day



Tecnoforum 2019.  Industria 4.0 Aplicación a la Movilidad Eléctrica Sostenible para las Empresas

The Conservation Entity València Parc Tecnològic will hold next November 26, Tecnoforum 2019, which this time will be held under the title Industry 4.0 Application to Sustainable Electric Mobility for Companies, an event that will take place in the Assembly Hall of the LLuís Vives Business School (Valencia Chamber), from 9:00 a.m.

The opening will be attended by the Mayor of Paterna, the Director General of IVACE and the President of the Conservation Entity V.P.T.

The day will be structured in a presentation and two round tables, in which representatives from ABB Spain, S.A., Power Electronics, Mahle Electronics, Iberdrola, Repsol, University of Valencia, Caixa Popular, AVVE, Journify and ITE will participate.

The event will end with a Kahoot !, where you can win an electric scooter.

The program is attached and you can register directly. For any questions or clarifications, you can contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

In addition, we request your invaluable collaboration in this event, inviting you to participate in its sponsorship, obtaining image and visibility. We attach a dossier with the sponsorship models.



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