University of Valencia Science Park

41.79 hectares
Research adn Innovation
Types of companies installed
Technological Institutes, Business Incubator (CEEI), Business Training Centers, Companies dedicated to R + D + i, Service and Advisory Companies and Clean Industries

The University of Valencia Science Park (PCUV) was established to promote the transfer of knowledge from scientific research into commercial production, and to facilitate and support the genesis and development of innovative business, and activities with a high scientific and technical content.

The PCUV provides spaces and services both to companies originated from university research as to external companies with a scientific / technological basis that want to be located in the environment of the University of Valencia. It has a Scientific and Academic Area (with two unique centres and seven Research Institutes) and a Business Area (with a business incubator and three blocks of buildings for companies, R & D laboratories and technologic platforms).

El PCUV is part of VLC / CAMPUSthat has been recognized as a Campus of International Excellence by the Government of Spain.

The mission of the PCUV is to contribute to the improvement of company competitiveness and the economic development of the Valencian Community. It has 7 research institutes, unique centers and scientific services, in addition to hosting more than 70 biotechnology, energy, information and communication companies, among others. Here the Universitat de València materializes its third mission: promote technological development and encourage research on issues of social transcendence at a national and international level.

The R + D + i and the scientific potential of the Park are available to the industrial sectors in different ways. On the one hand, thanks to the presence of the research units of the companies in the university environment, units that involve their scientific staff in mixed research groups. On the other hand, the Park carries out innovative projects on demand and offers companies the possibility of using common services and infrastructures to carry out all types of work: measurements, studies, analyzes, tests...

And beyond what is prescribed, the PCUV is open to any imaginable form of transfer of technology, knowledge and processes.