Sara Sánchez Gascó
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+34 96 138 11 51
C/ San Francisco de Borja, 4-4ª
46980 Paterna

MULTIPATERNA is a Retail Traders Association in Paterna created in 1987 which currently includes more than 170 businesses from different sectors.

The Association aims at bringing together different shops in the city improving the commercial and professional prestige of Paterna's retail shops. To this aim, various activities are carried out to promote associationism, reward customers loyalty and spread the name of Multipaterna as well as that of the associated retailers.


  • Encouragement of partnership-working
  • Involvement in institutional promotion events of retailers
  • Consultancy to participate in other trade fairs of the region
  • Advertising of retailers in different mass media
  • Marketing Campaigns
  • Implementation of different retailers promotion activities (retailers catwalk, sweepstakes and special promotions for clients of Multipaterna, trade show, advice on the use of the quality label by retailers.)
  • Ongoing training courses for freelancers and employees
  • Regulatory information for retailers
  • Advertising of member stores
  • Distribution of annual advertising mini-Diaries
  • Legal information workshops
  • Meetings with neighbouring associations
  • Point-of-sale terminals with special conditions offered by different banks
  • Agreements with large services companies, benefits and discounts for partners
  • Free financial study