The main aim of the “Paterna, City of Business” Association, is the definition, set up and monitoring of a territorial marketing strategy in matters of business promotion of the city, with the participation of both the Paterna City council and the economic and social actors of the municipality, through the organizations that they represent, to further the following objectives:

  • We want to implement an active business promotion policy in a context of increasing interurban competition, spreading the attractiveness of Paterna as a robust enterprise tradition city, having adequate infrastructures, technologically advanced and with an excellent living standard.
  • Also create the brand "Paterna, City of Business" as an identity sign and a territorial marketing strategy tool.
  • We wish to improve the visibility of Paterna as a suitable business location destination by raising new investments, creating jobs, drawing new residents, fostering consumption of goods and services, and promoting foreign sales of its companies.

    Partnership objectives

  • Increasing the presence of Paterna in forums, fairs, and congresses, etc., and regional, national and international media with a single identifying image at a business level.
  • Establishing a model agreed between the local administration and the companies involving the various actors to share efforts aimed at strengthening their relationships, increase their proximity and enable public-private cooperation and partnership. To that end, the Association will work to convey and centralize information on local activities in the business sector, as well as to channel the proposals by local economic actors and to carry out the evaluation of the results.
  • Participating in European, national and regional programmes and applying for eventual aid and subsidies schemes.
  • Fostering the sense of belonging of the local business community members, to strengthen and promote an essential feature identifying the city, through the construction of a strategic and participatory brand culture combining both tangible and intangible resources.