The City Council and REDIT collaborate to promote innovation and consolidate Paterna as a smart industrial city

The City Council of Paterna and the Network of Technological Institutes of the Valencian Community (REDIT) have signed a general protocol of action to work together in the field of innovation with the aim of consolidating Paterna as a smart industrial city.

The agreement, which has been signed today between the Mayor of Paterna, Juan Antonio Sagredo and the President of REDIT, Fernando Saludes, will allow both institutions to collaborate in promoting business and social innovation as the engine of the economic development of the municipality and the social welfare and quality of life of the paternal citizens.

The City Council and REDIT among other things, will participate together in innovation projects at a regional, state or European level, facilitating the management and financing for the execution of technological development projects, as well as promote the cooperation between REDIT and its Technological Institutes to develop municipal innovation projects and circular economy and provide technological advice on issues related to R & D & I activity.

In the same way, the agreement also includes the preferential use of the services of the REDIT Technological Institutes by the City Council of Paterna in the procedures of Public Purchase of Innovation that are implemented, activating the specific agreements in each case, advice to the City Council in the start-up of the future VET Campus destined to train specialties related to the “new professions of the future” as well as a Local Observatory of Technological Surveillance.

The Mayor of Paterna, Juan Antonio Sagredo has affirmed that “this collaboration framework with REDIT and the Technological Institutes that make it up will help us implement with better results actions aimed to promote innovation, incorporating Industry 4.0 and to promote a change in the production model taht will help the economic activity of our companies with the consequent maintenance, or increase, of the level of employment in our city ”.

The President of REDIT, Fernando Saludes, added that "the city of Paterna has a representation of practically all the Technological Institutes of the region, so it is very satisfactory to take one more step with this agreement to promote the innovation of our companies, since we believe that it is key to improve their competitiveness and, finally, the quality of life of our citizens ”.

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