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The City Council will invest € 200,000 in Táctica Business Park to improve water supply and fire prevention

Paterna City Council, in collaboration with Aigües de Paterna, will carry out a series of actions to improve the water supply network in Táctica Business Park with the aim of offering an optimal water supply to this area that has over 300 companies.

The Mayor of Paterna, Juan Antonio Sagredo explained the different actions to the president and manager of the Association of Táctica Entrepreneurs (ADET), Diana Aparicio and Mª Ángeles Hidalgo during the meeting they held this week.

In order to improve the guarantee of the supply and to have a water transport network that allows a greater flow to be injected into the network of this business park, the City Council will install a second pressure pump to allow alternative operation of both networks and facilitate the maintenance and repair of any of them independently, without affecting the park's supply system.

Likewise, a new transport pipeline will be install from the exit of the pumping group to the existing network, with a pipe of 300 mm diameter and a length of 95 meters, which will provide the park with a second supply point, larger than the current one.

"With these actions we reduce the risk of water shortages in the companies installed there in the event of any breakdown and we improve the response of the water network to situations such as a fire," explained the mayor.

Sagredo also added that "with these projects we continue to improve this industrial park of ​​140 hectares as well as the demand for water, which is being increased with the installation of new warehouses and company."

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