Paterna promotes sustainability with 14 new electric vehicles and 8 more double recharging points

Paterna City Council, through the public company Gestión y Servicios de Paterna (GESPA), has acquired 14 new electric vehicles that will become part of the municipal fleet, betting on environmentally sustainable energy sources.

This way, starting in September, fuel vehicles will be replaced by new, less polluting electric vehicles, helping to reduce CO2 emissions in the city.

Also, the consistory has endorsed the creation of eight new double charging stations for electric vehicles: two in the Technology Park and 6 in the Fuente del Jarro Industrial Estate, in the AMUTIO plant.

With this initiative, the socialist government continues reinforcing the policies aimed at making Paterna a smarter and more environmentally friendly city.

The City Ciouncil has carried out in recent months different actions to reduce CO2 emissions, such as the acquisition of hybrid and electric vehicles for the Paterna Local Police or the installation of photovoltaic panels in schools, thus promoting the use and consumption of cleaner energy.

Estas acciones se suman a las ya realizadas por el consistorio en los últimos meses para seguir reduciendo las emisiones de CO2, como es la adquisición de vehículos híbridos y eléctricos para la Policía Local de Paterna o la instalación de placas fotovoltaicas en centros escolares del municipio, promoviendo así el uso y consumo de energías más limpias.

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