Paterna will execute this 2020 in L'Andana industrial estate the most important work of the last decades

Paterna City Council, in collaboration with Aigües de Paterna, is going to install a new collector in the L'Andana industrial estate to improve the evacuation of rainwater in the area and solve the problems of flooding and waterlogging of the area.

This was announced today by the Mayor of Paterna, Juan Antonio Sagredo after a meeting with the president of the L'Andana Business Association, Carmen Pi, the Deputy Mayor for Security, Mobility and Ecological Transition, Núria Campos, the manager from Aigües de Paterna, Carolina Belda and the Coordinator of the Industry, Business and University Area, José Mª Martínez to explain the project, which involves an investment of 247,915 euros.

With the execution of this new collector, the council wants to improve the evacuation capacity of the sanitation network, which currently causes flooding at the lowest point of the Industry Avenue, and in some of the companies located there, since the network does not have enough capacity to evacuate all rainwater or an adequate drainage system.

As the Mayor has explained, “with this solution, it is also intended to alleviate and improve the response of the municipal rainwater network that runs through the Chemistry Round, as well as the collection of rainwater in Les Noves Tecnologies street, by connecting a transverse grid to the existing rainwater ”.

Carmen Pi has stated that "this is the most important municipal action in the industrial estate in the last 20 years, and once is done it will solve the historical flood problems that occur when it rains and that we have been claiming for decades in the area ”.

Likewise, the action will improve traffic and will have a positive impact on the development of the companies and activities in the industrial estate.

The new collector, with a diameter of 600 mm and a length of 312 meters, will run through the center of the Industrial Avenue and will collect runoff water captured by longitudinal grids in the accesses to plots and other strategic points The infrastructure will begin in the Service Station of the L'Andana industrial estate and will continue to the last roundabout, located at the eastern end of the industrial estate to connect with the current collector DN 600 mm.

This action is part of the list of investments in infrastructure improvements that is being carried out by the City Council in all the polygons of the city to improve the development and competitiveness of the economic activity of companies.

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