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Paterna expands the coronavirus detection system to all its business areas

The City Council of Paterna, in collaboration with Aigües de Paterna, has extended to its five business areas the analyzes it is carrying out on the municipal wastewater using the tool City Sentinel that helps detecting and monitoring the presence of coronavirus in the population .

This was announced today by the Mayor of Paterna, Juan Antonio Sagredo, who explained that “with the analysis of the wastewater from our industrial estates, in which we have about 35,000 workers, we monitor and control any trace of COVID-19 in Paterna, controlling the evolution of the virus in the city”.

In this sense, the Mayor stressed that "the implementation of this innovative tool is the best solution available to us today, since it will allow us to be forewarned of new infections, anticipate to new outbreaks of the virus among the citizens and act more quickly and efficiently. "

“Protecting our neighbors from the coronavirus is our priority right now. Paterna is doing a good job, but we cannot lower our guard against this virus, which is why we have opted for innovation and prevention so we are one step ahead, "said Sagredo.

In this regard, Sagredo recalled that Paterna is the first municipality in the province to track the coronavirus in its wastewater using this innovative solution that helps detecting the presence of the coronavirus even before someone that is infected, starts showing the first symptoms.

With this epidemiological tracking tool, which combines an adapted sampling plan, rapid RT-PCR analysis and access to a digital observatory, the City Council follows and controls the evolution of the SARS-CoV-2 in Paterna, one of the cities of over 50,000 citizens with a lower incidence of the virus.

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