La Facultat de Economía organiza el XVII de Empleo y Emprendmiento los días 15 y 15 de febrero
The Faculty of Economics of the University of Valencia organizes the 17th congress of Employment and Entrepreneurship on February 14 and 15, which aims to:
  • Promote a meeting point between the Faculty of Economics and companies and public and private entities around the labour market.
  • Exchange information on the labour market
  • Facilitate the labour insertion of students
  • Adapt the profiles of female and male university students according to the needs of companies
  • Inform students of the skills and attitudes that companies are currently asking for in their selection processes
  • Present entrepreneurship and self-employment as a professional development option.
Who is it for?
  • Undergraduate, bachelor, diploma and postgraduate students, as well as graduates.
  • Public and private companies and entities


Agencia de Colocación de Paterna
Red Innpulso
Red Española de Ciudades Inteligentes
Red Española de territorios Socialmente Sostenibles

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