Paterna, Ciudad de Empresas firma un convenio con la Facultat de Economía de la UV para potenciar las prácticas en las empresas

The Association Paterna City of Business and the Faculty of Economics of the University of Valencia have signed a collaboration agreement to promote training practices of economic students in the companies of the city.

The agreement has been signed by the Mayor of Paterna, and president of the business association, Juan Antonio Sagredo and José Manuel Pastor Monsálvez, Dean of the UV School of Economics, and aims to enhance the relationship between the business world and the university.

"In Paterna we have one of the richest business communities in the Valencian Community, with more than 1,600 companies, which represents an important opportunity for students to carry out internships in first-rate companies, which will allow them to acquire practical knowledge and to promote their entrepreneurial capacity ”, stated Juan Antonio Sagredo.

On his behalf, the Dean of Economics, José Manuel Pastor, has pointed out the importance of training practices for female and male university students since “it allow them to apply and complement the knowledge acquired in their academic training, favoring the acquisition of skills that prepare them for the exercise of professional activities in the future ”.

For this, the association will prepare an informative dossier that will be sent to the companies of the five business areas that are part of the association, and a specific section will be created on the corporate website,, that will serve to connect companies with interested students.

In addition, joint workshops and seminars will be held on those topics that are of mutual interest, such as training, innovation and applied economic research as ways to strengthen the relationship between the Faculty of Economics of the University of Valencia and the business fabric of Paterna.

Lastly, to ensure the proper development of the agreement, a joint monitoring committee will be set up with representatives of both institutions.

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