Paterna City Council will subsidize the municipal taxes on Constructions, Installations and Works (ICIO) and Economic Activities (IAE) to the companies in the Fuente del Jarro industrial estate that were affected by the fire declared in one of them on February 8.

This was announced by the mayor, Juan Antonio Sagredo, who stressed that the "objective of the City Council is to help damaged companies in any way, contributing to the reactivation of their businesses with tax exemptions contemplated by municipal law", according to a statement from the consistory.

For this, he said, from the Government and the Business Area of the consistory that he directs, a modification of the main municipal law is being studied to include more bonuses and / or exemptions for companies in specific events such as the one that occurred last week.

Sagredo explained that the affected companies can avail themselves of art. 7.3 a) of the ICIO Regulatory Ordinance, which establishes "a 95% discount for constructions, installations or works in which social circumstances of catastrophic damage occur".

Likewise, he has referred to the IAE Tax Ordinance which, in its article 4d), contemplates a tax rebate for those companies that have negative performance in their economic activity, "which will allow damaged companies to request the reduction of this imposed in the next fiscal year.

In this regard, the mayor has advanced that " the government team is working to modify these two municipal laws, adapting them to the current reality with the aim of including in their articles bonuses and / or exemptions for specific situations such as the one that occurred. last week in Fuente del Jarro ".

The Economic Area is also studying the modification of the Regulatory Ordinance for the granting of Environmental Licenses and Environmental Declarations, which currently does not foresee any bonus or exemption.

The fire was declared in the chemical company Indukern and caused a dense column of smoke that affected seven other adjacent companies and caused economic losses in others companies of the same industrial estate, since the area was cordoned off and closed due to the risk.